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Preppy style : Dapper American indeed…


Preppy style was born in East Coast of USA, namely in the circle of that few renowned universities. That’s why it has this college flair. Sometimes also it is called as Ivy style.

This style has long been perceived as a society-club circle thing, due to its communitarian features. Ralph Lauren is the flag brand of this style, maybe you can name some more brands like that. This style is easy, simple, neat, proper but at the same time elegant and dapper. If you get on well with the bow-tie stuff, then we can suggest you to try this style on more frequent.








(pics: thewelldressedman.tumblr, facebook)


  1. I need you to come and dress my husband OR could you do a Skype consultation? lmbo No, but seriously, so glad to see a man with style. I can NOT tell you enough how sick I am of seeing the same ole tee shirts and short sleeved old man shirts. Geesh. I throw them away and they magically appear back from the dead (trash can). lol I might be fighting a losing battle ;-)

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