Ottoman Dandy

Ascot : The Bohemian Rhapsody


If you were to ask me an accessory which evokes a lot of flairs all at the same time, I’d no doubt name ascot . Its finely british aristocratic origin takes you to a journey through time; it is some vintage with that retro look but it’s also beyond time as it re-makes any look more classy and stylish. With its magic silky touch, it suddenly turns you into a flamboyant writer, a Hollywood actor of 50s, a famous diplomat, a flaneur painter or a poet , a bohemian performing artist either in the back stage of neon signs in Broadway or just in a gloomy theater situated in the shadowed heart of Paris. The way you tie it, its pattern, its color betrays the way you look at life, the way you live it…











  1. It is a long time since I have seen anyone in my city wearing that accessory. Very refreshing reminder of elegance. Because our city was destroyed by earthquakes, there is a lot of construction work happening now. Almost all the men out and about in the city seem to be wearing a hard hat and a high visibility work vest and working boots.

  2. Duccio

    I find this picture intriguing:

    I had never seen an ascot used in such fashion before, it makes it kind of an hybrid between an ascot, a scarf and a tie… is that a ring by the way, or a specific accessory?

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